5 Android Apps That Helped Us Amid Covid19 Isolations






The global pandemic has a lasting impact on billions of humans both directly and indirectly. Reports confirm that timely imposing a worldwide lockdown helped save the human race from extinction. Billions of people are home-isolated away from their first families. They haven’t met their friends and neighbors for over a year. Clubbing and weekend meetups are now talks of the past. Mobile phones, however, have relieved us with virtual meets with our nears and dears. Business owners have reached out to their partnered Android application development company to get an app built for their quarantined user base.


The first few weeks of the lockdown was probably the happiest phase as users enjoyed being alone. It was the stretched weekend they had always longed for, though they didn’t expect a complete cut off with the family. Meetings were replaced with conference video calls, group activities were replaced by collaborative online games, Gyms were replaced by health apps. Mobile apps offered a virtual alternative to our daily activities.

Business owners showed up with ideas that resolved the daily challenges faced by users. The likes of medicine delivery apps rose to fame overnight, Grocery delivery apps and digital payments were never this popular.


The article will discuss more such apps that helped us stay calm in these chaotic times.

1. Reface App

AI-powered face filter apps such as Reface have totally entertained us. The app converts a user’s photo into a celebrity video using Artificial Intelligence. The final video offers real life-like expressions. 

2. Headspace

Most people will agree that it is their mental health that is affected the most amid covid 19 quarantine. Meditation apps such as Headspace provide guided exercises for mental peace leading to happier and healthier days for users.

The app further tracks the sleep hours of the user to ensure that they are well-rested for continuing the next day.

3. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app is all you want if you a fitness freak and miss going to gyms. The app comes with workout videos designed by professional trainers, personalized fitness programs and more. The app ensures that users hit their daily fitness goals and stay fit indoors. 

Wearable integrated apps also help monitor your daily health. With effective features to monitor Oxygen level and pulse rates, the apps have actually helped users in a number of ways.

4. Duolingo

Plenty of leisure due to work from home encourages people to learn something new, either for professional growth or just out of curiosity. Learning apps have gained tens of thousands of paid users who are ready to learn a new skill post their working hours.

Duolingo allows you to learn 30+ languages on an interactive platform. The app offers tailored exercises and lessons for effective learning.


Netflix saw a spike in its paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2020 amid Covid 19 lockdown. A report by BBC confirms the platform has gained 15.8 million new subscribers during this period.


The app market has witnessed some innovative mobile apps in the past couple of years, especially apps aimed for quarantine. If you too have a similar app in your mind that solves user challenges, you can reach out to an Android app development agency that builds tailored native applications.